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Reflections and a Slasher
short stories about Canada,Germany and Fort Frantic and a crime story in sunset country

Fort Frances
Getting to know the town the people and the region

Fort Frances in color
15 short stories and 30 color aerial photos of the Fort and region.
These two have the same text. The latter has the fotos in color, the first in black and white. In color cost 10 and at Amazon 14$ more

Bird on two sticks
19 something, short stories, impressions, an essay, a poem and yes, even a prayer

All Bush Pilots lie !
38 little adventures flying the "bush" in a floatplane

The long winter
a crimestory, even in a small border town, there are the good, the bad and the ugly !

in German, Die Wahrheit liegt in der Salami und weitere Kurzgeschichten :AMAZON
Your home, farm, company, cabin,lot anything that faces up in the sky for 100 bucks as a 25 x 37,5 cm picture or the negative starting at 300 bucks within 30 km of Fort Frances otherwise plus a buck for each klick.
Here are some sample aerial photos from Fort Frances, International Falls and surrounding area.
The Bridge click here
The Mill click here
Emo Racetrack click here
Norfab click here
Hospital click here
Rusty Myers click here
Rendezvous click here
Rainier click here
my house click here
more aerial photos click here


First selfie video with drohn gyro2

Animal videos around my house and one from Fort Myers Beach

Black Bear filmed from my kitchen window

Marmot (Murmeltier) in my front yard in Fort Frances

Deer at Fort Frances marina

little bunny

Porky Pine (Stachelschwein) interested in my shoes

Beaver dragging a stick 100m from my house

Crows stealing chips. Can not realy see crows at Fort Myers Beach, but impressive weather

Ronsdorf von oben 1995 Teil 1

Ronsdorf von oben 1995 Teil 2

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